Elton John named as ‘Cheerful Champion’ for helping an old flame who was in pain

Updated: June 9, 2020

HERE at The Cheerful Times we know a good bloke when we see one – which is why we’re today naming Elton John as one of our Cheerful Champions.

The Rocket Man recently proved that despite all the glitz and glam that surrounds him these days, he’s not above making time in order to help out a friend in need.

Way back in the Sixties when Elton was still known by his real name Reg Dwight, he was briefly engaged to a woman called Linda Hannon, whom he shared a flat with in North London.

Elton ended their relationship weeks before they were due to wed, and Linda subsequently watched from afar as his career flourished.

Knee pain

The pair had no further contact for nearly 50 years – until Linda found herself in excruciating pain due to needing a knee-op.

With nobody else to turn to Linda, contacted the musician via the Daily Mirror newspaper – and the star responded by stepping in to ease her plight (in other words he coughed up the readies for the op).

Linda told the Mirror: “My knee is awful to walk on and I’ve been having shots… I thought of ‘Reg’ and whether he could help. It was a long shot.

“In the late 60s, Reg and Bernie (Elton’s song-writing partner Bernie Taupin) weren’t earning any money, so I was hoping, from one friend to another, whether they could help me through this financial blip.

“When Reg started out, I was paying the rent, bills and for the food. It was while they were trying to live their dreams.

 “I’ve never felt bitter towards him other than in the immediate aftermath. You kind of get over things and I am so happy he has found his true love in David (Furnish) and he has his boys.”

Well done for doing the decent thing, Elton. Meanwhile, if any readers of The Cheerful Times haven’t yet seen Rocketman, the biopic movie about Elton, then check out the trailer below

* Do you know somebody who deserves to be named as a Cheerful Champion? They don’t have to be rich or famous – just have a heart of gold. Email us at news@cheerfultimes.co.uk .


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