Dog owners say lockdown has brought them closer to their four-legged friends

Updated: June 2, 2020

NEARLY two thirds of dog owners say they have become closer to their four-legged friends during the coronavirus lockdown, according to a survey.

The poll of UK dog lovers found that 61% have forged happier and deeper connections with their canine companions since March, with 48% enjoying longer dog walks compared to their previous routines.

But nearly half (44%) of all owners now fear that their beloved pet will suffer separation anxiety when things begin to return to normal as the lockdown eases.

Increase in barking

The research commissioned by natural pet food manufacturer Forthglade found that 29% of owners say their dog has become more needy since the start of the pandemic, with 22% reporting an increase in barking.

“Our survey shows we have a renewed appreciation of our pets and what they bring to our lives, but it also highlights the amount of physical and mental stimulation they really need to stay happy and healthy,” says Gerard Lovell, joint Managing Director of Forthglade and owner of a Labrador called Bo.

Experts recommend that owners should avoid suddenly changes to their dog’s daily routine and instead gradually get their pets used to spending more time alone.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering who the cute pooch is at the top of the page, she’s Bella, Forthglade’s Dog of the Month for April. For details of how to enter the competition click here.


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