Yours for £60m … the private island in the Caribbean with A-List celebrity neighbours

Updated: May 27, 2020

A PRIVATE island in the Bahamas situated amid a celebrity paradise loved by Hollywood A-listers is for sale for £60million.

The magnificent 700-acre Blue Island is located in the Exuma archipelago, where the likes of Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage and Eddie Murphy have previously snapped up their own islands.

Blue Island boasts three miles of white beaches with crystal clear waters, a luxurious main house with outdoor pool and tropical gardens, staff accommodation, plus a waterfront dock.

Paradise .. no need to reserve your lounger with a towel!

A sales brochure states: “The Exumas have long been known as home to some of the most beautiful waters and beaches in the world.

“Blue Island is the largest private island available in the Bahamas and the only one in the entire Caribbean that has its own private jet landing strip. Access to this beautiful private paradise is fast, easy and discreet from the US or Europe via private or chartered jet.”

Luxury jet … no queues for the loos like at Gatwick

The asking price for Blue Island is $75million (approximately £61,080,750)

The Exumas are situated southeast of Nassau and consist of a 130-mile-long collection of over 300 islands and sandy ‘cays.’ They were populated in the late 18th Century by loyalists to the British crown who fled the States after the American Revolution. 

The Cheerful Times reckons it’s worth every penny, assuming you have the odd 75 mill down the back of the sofa. If not, enjoy the photos – and we’ll see you all at Southend seafront!

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