A video guaranteed to make you smile: Giggling fox is huge hit with fans around the world

Updated: May 19, 2020

A CUTE fox that giggles and laughs adorably whilst being petted at a rescue centre has become a huge hit on social media during the lockdown period.

Videos of the cuddly creature, known as Finnegan Fox, have attracted millions of viewers after being posted on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

In the latest clip, the small animal lays on his back while his tummy is rubbed and squeaks laughter like a cuddly toy.  One viewer commented: “Finnegan is such a good boy! He’s honestly helping me get through quarantine.”

The animal has become an international star after being taken in at the SaveAFox Rescue centre in Minnesota by founder Mikayla Raines.

A spokesperson for the centre said: “He is Mikayla’s fox and a permanent resident at SaveAFox. He is five years old and everyone is enthralled with him!”

  • You can read more about Mikayla and the SaveAFox rescue centre by clicking here.

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