The Queen ‘is a secret West Ham fan’ (… or so we’re reliably told)!

Updated: April 27, 2020

THE Queen is a secret West Ham fan but maintains a dignified silence in public to avoid showing favouritism, according to a respected news archive. 

The bizarre claim that Her Majesty admires The Hammers is made in an article published online by British Pathe, which is respected around the globe as a reliable record of historical events.

In a piece headlined ‘The Queen: 13 Surprising Facts’, the archive’s website claims:  ‘The Queen has always wanted to appear neutral on the subject of football but she once let slip she is a secret West Ham fan. There are also rumours that she has a soft spot for Arsenal as well.”

Meanwhile, according to a story published by the Sunday Mirror back in 2009, Her Majesty developed her secret liking for the Claret & Blues after reportedly striking up a friendship with the club’s former manager Ron Greenwood.

Apparently, The Monarch expressed her football preferences after over-hearing two members of Royal staff discussing an upcoming derby between West Ham and Millwall.

Here at The Cheerful Times we’re not sure that we believe a word of any of it, but then stranger things have turned out to be true.

Other fascinating “facts” published by British Pathe include ‘The Queen hates potatoes.’ 

GRATUITOUS FOOTBALL JOKE: They say football is a game of two halves, but that’s nothing – my mate Dave can get through eight pints during a match.

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