Britain’s most cheerful painting! ‘Happy artist’ raises £150k for NHS

Updated: April 24, 2020

TAKE a good look at these cuddly dogs dancing with glee in front of a rainbow – it’s officially Britain’s most cheerful painting!

Artist Doug Hyde commissioned a mass survey earlier this year to discover what makes Brits the happiest. His poll of over 2,000 people found the top choices were blue skies, beautiful landscapes and puppies or kittens.

Now Doug has clearly used the findings for inspiration for his latest artwork, entitled ‘Thank You’, which has been auctioned in aid of the NHS Charities Together Covid 19 Urgent Appeal.

Bristol-born Doug, 47, who has been described as ‘the UK’s most popular living artist’, says: “I wanted to show my support for our brave and inspirational carers who are putting themselves on the line to keep us safe.”

Meanwhile, if you are wondering about further findings from Doug’s survey, the top ten things Brits love were as follows:

  1. A blue sky on a sunny day
  2. Seeing beautiful landscape
  3. Cute puppies or kittens
  4. Sitting in a clean home after you have cleaned it
  5. Going out for a nice meal
  6. A compliment
  7. Someone smiling at you
  8. Booking a holiday
  9. Cuddling a loved one
  10. Memories

You can donate to the Covid 19 appeal here.

Doug’s official website is here.

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