‘Some sweet day, I’ll make her mine… pretty flamingo!’ – The birds that bond for life

Updated: April 21, 2020

FLAMINGOS form close bonds with one another that include entering into “marriages” and gay relationships, according to scientists.

The beautiful water birds enjoy stable friendships that last many years, revealed a recent study by the University of Exeter.

 “Our results indicate that flamingo societies are complex. They are formed of long-standing friendships rather than loose, random connections,” explains species expert Dr Paul Rose.

“Flamingos don’t simply find a mate and spend their time with that individual.

“Some mating couples spend much of their time together, but lots of other social bonds also exist.

“We see pairs of males or females choosing to ‘hang out’, we see trios and quartets that are regularly together.

“Flamingos have long lives – some of the birds in this study have been (around) since the 1960s – and our study shows their friendships are stable over a period of years.

“It seems that – like humans – flamingos form social bonds for a variety of reasons, and the fact they’re so long-lasting suggests they are important for survival in the wild.”

PS – If you’re wondering about our headline, it’s from the lyrics of the 1966 Manfred Mann hit Pretty Flamingo, written by Mark Barkan. The Cheerful Times is on a mission to cheer up Britain during the coronavirus crisis, so if you like this story please share it on Facebook!

Photo by Irina Irina from Pexels

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