Dine of Duty: Fan accuses TV cop of looking fat on screen!

Updated: April 20, 2020

LINE of Duty star Adrian Dunbar – who plays Superintendent Ted Hastings in the hit BBC crime drama – received a blunt reaction from a fan whilst he was out shopping.

The 61-year-old star confesses: “I was in the supermarket the other day and a woman said: ‘Oh, you don’t look as fat as you do on the TV. Must be that white shirt.’ ”

Here at The Cheerful Times we reckon that Adrian actually looks pretty slim in his official PR photo (above) although an unkind wag might question if his character has porked-up a little during recent seasons of the show.

Whatever the case, the highly-acclaimed actor, who has been married to wife Anna since 1986, is a big hit with the fans.

In an interview published in TV Times this week, Adrian says: “People like the character of Ted Hastings and they love the show. I think people like how inept Ted is.

“Everybody is sophisticated these days, with lots of empathy and understanding and all that. You wouldn’t get that from Ted.

“Women in particular want to change Ted in some way. At least to get him out of that bedsit!”

CHUBBED-UP? Is that a fledgling double chin that Ted is sporting in Season 5?

GRATUITOUS SMUTTY JOKE: Police have confirmed that a cop has been suspended for smoking drugs and masturbating whilst on duty. He has not been named, but is believed to be a high-w***ing officer.

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