Is there wife on Mars? Woman’s mission to live rest of life on red planet as hubby stays home

Updated: September 17, 2014

A WOMAN has been shortlisted for a scientific mission that while see her live out the rest of her life on Mars – while her supportive husband stays at home on Earth.

Sonia Van Meter, 35, is among 200,0000 applicants to join a privately funded initiative to colonize the red planet in 2024.

If she makes the final selection to join the one-way mission in ten years time it will mean Sonia will never see her husband Jason or her two stepsons in the flesh again.

Instead Sonia, a political consultant from Austin, Texas, will only be able to communicate with her family via a television link that will span 35 million miles of space.

Incredible as it may sound, Sonia and Jason insist they are deeply in love – with Jason supporting his wife’s dream to live on Mars even thought it will break his heart to see her go.

Jason said: “It’s probably not my first choice for her … but our marriage vows didn’t come with an asterisk. I am going to be living a long time without her and that is going to be sad.

“But I am going to be her ambassador on Earth, I am going to be telling the story about why she is doing this and that’s a wonderful job to have.”

Sonia and husband Jason

Love … Sonia and husband Jason

Sonia (whom you can see on video below) is now among just a few hundred hopefuls who have been whittled down to join the Mars One mission that will ship four people to Mars every two years, creating a settlement of up to 40 people.

The finance for the futuristic project will come from a reality TV show made by the people behind Big Brother. You can read more about the mission on the BBC website by clicking here.

Sonia said: “I will not be coming back. That’s the catch, this is a one way shot and I’m okay with that.

“This is an opportunity to become part of the legacy that started from the explorer Magellan and Christopher Columbus all the way to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

“When I married Jason I knew that he would be the perfect partner for me and he has been so unswerving in his support. There is nothing on this planet that I miss more than him.”

* The Cheerful Times wishes Sonia and Jason all the best. Meanwhile, we hope you like our new good news website, feel free to browse other stories and please tell your friends about us.


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