Video: Hero trucker saves granny and baby from burning car after horror M-way crash

Updated: September 8, 2014

TRUCK driver David Frederickson deserves a bravery medal – after rescuing a grandmother and a one-year-old baby from a blazing car crash.

David and a passenger were cruising on a motorway near Biloxi, Mississippi, when a vehicle ahead of them burst into flames, showering the highway with burning debris.

The force from the explosion was so great that David’s passenger cried out in alarm: “That guy’s dead!”

David, whose heroics were captured on video by a dashboard camera, calmly drove towards the wreck before approaching it with a fire extinguisher. He managed to open a side door and pulled the occupants of the burning car to safety before the flames engulfed the rest of the vehicle.

If it weren’t for his actions and others who also ran to help, cops say an elderly woman and a baby may well have found themselves trapped in the blaze. The incident took place in August 2014, although the time coded date on the video is a year out and wrongly says 2013.

The video (which you can see below) was later uploaded to YouTube by David’s proud son, who told the world: “Thankfully my father had the presence of mind, bravery, and forethought of carrying a fire extinguisher, to be the first person on scene to risk his own life in order to possibly save another and to inspire others and lead them into taking action. Everyone involved in the rescue effort is a hero in my books.”

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