Brave schoolboy Kieran, 9, gets a brand new set of ears made from his own ribs

Updated: September 8, 2014

SCHOOLBOY Kieran Sorkin looks a handsome little devil after being given a new pair of ears made from cartilage taken from his own ribs.

Brave Kieran, aged nine, was born deaf and with tiny lobes where his ears should have been – causing his mum Louise to fear that her son faced years of teasing from playground bullies.

But now after undergoing pioneering surgery at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, delighted Kieran has a perfect set of lugs fashioned from tissue taken from six of his ribs.

Not only that – but thanks to having a hearing aid implanted he is no longer deaf.

Mum Louise, from Bushey, Hertfordshire, (pictured above with Kieran) explains:”When the day came and we got the letter from Great Ormond Street and they said: ‘We’re doing your son’s ears,’ … Wow did I cry! The moment I told Kieran he was just very, very excited.”

Kieran during surgery

Kieran undergoes surgery surrounded by medics and his mum and dad

Kieran was the subject of a touching BBC video that appeared on YouTube (which you can watch below).

He is seen bravely preparing for his operation while a surgeon tells him: “We are going to take gristle from your chest when you are completely asleep, and I am going to carve a framework in the shape of an ear and place it in a pocket under the skin.”

The condition that Kieran suffered from is called microtia and it effects around 100 children every year who are born in the UK with one or no ears.

Thankfully, the surgery that Kieran underwent was a complete success.

A surgeon shapes one of the new ears

A surgeon shapes one of the new ears

Kieran’s proud dad David said: “We were blown away by the realism of how wonderful they look. Originally he couldn’t comprehend that they were his … it was a definite wow!

“He is already a pretty confident chap. He’s very cool about his condition … Now he can just be a normal kid that can muck around.”

Surgeon Neil Bulstrode said: “There are huge psychological benefits. If you can change the confidence of a patient at this young age you will change the whole trajectory of their life.”

* The Cheerful Times reckons Kieran is a brilliant lad whose parents are right to be proud. If you have an uplifting medical story like this, then please don’t hesitate to contact us, using the details on our home page.

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