Healthy Loving! The new nasal gel that could boost a woman’s sex life with no side effects

Updated: June 20, 2014

Men have might have Viagra … but now it seems that women could have their very own new drug that can boost their enjoyment in the bedroom.

A nasal gel developed by a pharmaceutical company in Canada is said to increase the frequency of female orgasms without creating any adverse side effects.

The gel is called Tefina and it’s designed to be used on a ‘take-as-required’ basis. It contains the sex hormone testosterone, low levels of which have been linked to falling libido.

A trail of 253 lucky women in the USA, Canada and Australia revealed that they had 2.3 orgasms during an 84 day period. It might not sound many to the adventurous, but it compares with 1.7 among women who were given a non-active placebo.

The results are good news for the estimated one in five women who have difficulty achieving an orgasm (known as Female Orgasmic Disorder), which can lead to distress in about 25% of cases.

Dr Sheryl Kingsberg, US investigator for the Telfina trial, said: “Female Orgasmic Disorder is the second most prevalent sexual disorder affecting women … Currently there are no approved pharmacological treatment options, leaving an unmet need that Tefina hopes to remedy.”

The company that has developed the drug, Trimel Pharmaceuticals in Toronto, is planning to put the drug on sale in due course.

* You can read more about Tefina on the Trimel website by clicking here.

(Main photo: Shutterstock / posed by model)

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