Great news for slimmers: dark chocolate is not only good for you, but it helps fight obesity

Updated: June 20, 2014

There have been various news reports over the years about dark chocolate being good for you, from warding off heart disease to various types of cancer.

However, a recent study shows that eating small amounts of dark chocolate in moderation can also decrease your chances of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes – diseases that both stem from sugar intake.

So not only does it taste great, but dark chocolate helps to keep you slim. Unfortunately it only works in moderation – and it doesn’t apply to milk chocolate.

Researchers at Virginia Tech in the USA found that a particular type of antioxidant called flavanol, which is found in cocoa, can prevent excess weight gain and lower blood sugar levels in mice, even while they consumed a high fat diet.

According to food scientist Andrew P Neilson, cocoa is one of the most flavanol-rich foods around. It has several different kinds of these compounds, so Neilson’s team decided to separate them and test each of them individually for health benefits.

The scientists fed groups of mice different diets, supplementing high fat diets with different kind of flavanols (don’t worry the mice weren’t harmed).

A particular compound called oligomeric procyanidins kept the weight of the mice down and also improved glucose tolerence.

That’s science-speak for the fact the mice loved it!

* A similar version of this article first appeared in The Best You magazine.


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