Cat’s the way I like it! Dancing kittens are a huge hit, but which one would you choose?

Updated: June 10, 2014

THESE cute kittens have become a huge hit on YouTube – and we guarantee this video of them having fun as they sway in time to music will make you smile.

The five cute kitties have attracted over 2.6million plays and 16,000 likes since the funny footage of them was first uploaded onto the web in 2012.

If you haven’t seen it yet you’re in for a real treat – but if even if you’ve already watched it before you’ll find it just gets better and better with every view, especially the bit where little bundles of fur start looking up and down in unison.

The video has led to a debate online about which kitten is the cutest – with many preferring the one on the far right with the floppy ears.

One YouTube user commented: “That’s one of the cutest videos ever, and the one with the floppy ears … aaaaww!”

Meanwhile other viewers preferred the kitten wight he pale coat second from the left. One viewer wrote: “Haha – the white one is the rebel … so darn cute.”

Which one would you choose? Here at The Cheerful Times we reckon the most enjoyable part is 30 seconds after the video starts – that’s when the little cats start looking up and down.

But the final word goes to YouTube viewer Crumbellina De Caramello, who wrote: “This choir should win an Oscar.”

Watch and enjoy!

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