It’s The Defarted! 10 funny posters for spoof movies that will make you laugh

Updated: May 3, 2014

HERE’S ten great posters for spoof movies that are guaranteed make you chuckle.

Whether you’re a fan of cult comedies like The Wedding Crashers or classic thrillers like Jaws, there’s something here to make you smile. The funny publicity posters were created by talented designers who entered a competition on the Worth1000 website.

The idea was to create posters for imaginary movies by changing just one letter of the title of an existing blockbuster, so for example “Jaws”, becomes “Paws” (geddit?) – and instead of showing a shark the movie poster shows a hungry dog.

Martin Scorsese’s hard-hitting crime epic The Departed is rebranded as … The deFARTED!

The Cheerful Times has ranked them in the order we like best (if you want the official results visit Worth1000 and search for the competition titled One Letter Off).

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1 – PAWS (based on Jaws) by boofhead


 2 – The Defarted (based on The Departed) by MissChief


3 – The Wedding Crushers (based on The Wedding Crashers) by overbitten


4 – Forrest Gimp (based on Forrest Gump) by jangoh

5 – Natural Born Fillers (based on Natural Born Killers) by SNEALL

6 – Piddler on the Roof (based on Fiddler on the Roof) by Yoko 14


7 – Miami Mice (based in Miami Vice) by Zanatos

8 – Scooby Poo (based on Scooby Doo) by mark 24


9 – The Nukes of Hazzard (based on the Dukes of Hazzard) by philiater1


10 – Mobsters, Inc (based on Monsters, Inc) by mist3rbl4ck

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