She’s a diva, Jim – but not as we know her! See Joan Collins as she appeared in Star Trek

Updated: June 20, 2013

CAPTAIN Kirk gets hot under the collar as Hollywood diva Joan Collins makes an appearance in a little-known episode of Star Trek.

Fans of the cult TV series saw the actress pop up in a newly digitally re-mastered episode of the show, which was broadcast on the Horror Channel recently.

She appeared in an episode of the first ever series of Star Trek and had a brief romance with Captain Kirk.

Joan played a peace campaigner whose good-looks captivated Captain Kirk when he travelled back through time with Mr Spock and Dr McCoy to the year 1930.

The pair even shared a brief kiss.

One viewer quipped: “You don’t expect to see Captain Kirk having a fling with Joan Collins, but then Star Trek is always full of surprises!”


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