Murder Most Fun! The Cheerful Times kills some time at a murder mystery evening

Updated: May 28, 2013

LOOKING for a intriguing way to kill some time when you go away? Then how about booking a package deal that includes bed, breakfast and an evening of MURDER!

That’s exactly what’s on offer from Whodunnit specialists ‘The Killing Game’, a company that specialises in organising murder mystery events.

The Cheerful Times recently went undercover to witness the dastardly deeds at one of the murder evenings held at a hotel in Gloucestershire.

We joined a group of 50 amateur sleuths who met at 7:30pm in the bar of the Tewkesbury Park Hotel and Golf Club.

The theme for the evening was ‘A Deadly Sin’ and we’d been briefed to expect five characters who would be joining us for dinner.

There was Lawrence and Ffion, the owners of a posh art gallery that was about to exhibit the work of Lawrence’s late father Terence. Alongside them were Yvette (Terence’s widow), Hugo (a mouthy art critic) and Chris (a VERY camp artist’s model).

We were warned that by the end of the evening somebody would be dead … and one of the five would be unveiled as the murderer.

We then dined together while all the actors stayed in character and the action unfolded around us (see photo above).

Rather confusingly, we were told not to expect to stumble across a body until after pudding.

What WOULD we do all evening? But we needn’t have worried, there was plenty to keep us occupied as the characters interacted together.

By the time we’d finished our starters a tawdry tale of jealously and intrigue was already well under way.

One of the most charming things about these evenings is that you can question the characters about anything at anytime .. so don’t be shy!

Finally, as our coffee arrived so did a body right on cue, complete with lashings of fake blood.

We then had an opportunity to do our very own Inspector Clouseau impression by formally interrogating the surviving players.

Did we guess the murderer? No, we got it hopelessly wrong.

Were some of the actors’ lines cheesier than the Stilton? Yes, of course, and there was plenty of hamming it up too!

Was it great fun? Indeed it was, and you’ll find you get so much more out of it if you enter into the spirit of things.

Our package cost a very reasonable £190 for an overnight stay with breakfast. The price included the murder evening and three course dinner.

All in all a case of Murder Most Fun.

 * The Killing Game organises events throughout the year across The Midlands and the South. For more information go  


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