How dare you! Video of politicians arguing like cat and dog attracts thousands of viewers

Updated: April 24, 2013
Row ... politician

OKAY, we know you shouldn’t laugh – but a video of two Lebanese politicians fighting it out on TV has certainly got YouTube viewers smirking.

The one minute clip – which shows the be-suited politicians telling each other to “eat s***” – has gone viral on the web after being dubbed with English sub-titles.

The angry pair come close to blows during a row about Syria.

Trouble flared when former MP Mustafa Alloush (seen here in blue tie with bald head) branded Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a liar.

The YouTube exchange begins when Alloush’s opponent in the studio, Fayez Shukor of the ruling Ba’ath party in Syria, tells him: “I wish you’d listen to what President Assad said yesterday.”

Alloush responds by saying: “I heard him, him and I don’t believe him!”

The pair then take part in a furious argument, heaping shame on one another and telling each other to “eat s***”, before one tells the other to “shut the f*** up.”

The studio then descends into chaos as glasses and cups are smashed. The studio host then battles to separate the warring politicians while one of them appears to brandish a CHAIR.

The host shouts: “No! No! No! Gentlemen! Gentlemen!”

The clip was first broadcast on Arabic TV two years ago but has now become a surprise hit on YouTube, notching up nearly 70,000 views after being translated.

One YouTube user posted a comment saying: “I wish English politics was like this.. This is so amusing!”

But not everybody agreed: others joined the angry debate about President al-Assad!

You can view the video below.


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