These beautiful fashion photos all have one thing in common – they were shot underwater!

Updated: February 18, 2013
Underwater photo by Ric Frazier

THESE amazing photos of fashion models were all shot underwater – while the photographer held his breath.

They were taken by top US photographer Ric Frazier, who specializes in shooting subjects that are submerged in pools or beneath the waves of the ocean.

Ric, 41, from Houston, Texas, works mostly without breathing apparatus using a normal professional camera inside a waterproof housing.

His remarkable images take fashion to a different dimension with the models he uses appearing to drift gracefully beneath the surface while they relax underwater.


Underwater photo by Ric Frazier

An underwater photo by Ric Frazier

Ric explained: “Usually I free dive and I can hold my breath for a long time. If I am shooting a model I usually try to be in the same condition they are because that way I can judge their comfort level.

“If they don’t have a wet suit I don’t have a wet suit. Making them comfortable is key, because if they are not having good time you are not going to get a good shot.

In addition to shooting models, Ric accepts weird and wonderful assignments from magazines and corporations in the States. He amazing portfolio includes an underwater shoot with a CAR and even a man sitting in a hospital bed.

Underwater photo by Ric Frazier

Underwater photo by Ric Frazier

He said: “I generally try not to have a model in the water for more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time, so that I can get out and take a break and confirm that we are getting the type of shots that we want.


“When I shoot in a pool I compare it to working in a studio as it is very similar but obviously the water adds a complexity level – and when I am working in the water with electricity I have to keep safety in mind.”

Rik trained for underwater photography at a specialist college in Santa Monica, California – and he now has a great eye for spotting how light moves beneath the surface.

He said: “Water refracts the light. When a ray of sunshine or light comes into the water it bends at an angle.

“Water also takes away colour and contrast and there are different variables that can happen. A lot of times I will sit at the bottom of the pool and just watch the light because it has a different effect.”

One of Ric’s most complex shoots was on behalf of a client in the pharmaceutical industry who commissioned a shot he took of a man in a hospital bed.

Underwater photo by Ric Frazier

Underwater photo by Ric Frazier

Ric explains: “The bed is actually underwater in the shot. I had the camera half in and half out of the water.”

Ric has also recreated the famous Nirvana album cover of a baby underwater, using Spencer Elden who is now grown up (Ric didn’t do the album, but Spencer is the real guy in the original as a baby).

You can view more of Ric’s work at


Undereater photo by Ric Frazier

Underwater photo by Ric Frazier


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