By ‘eck – we’ve won The Cup. Amazing photos celebrate 150th anniversary of the FA Cup

Updated: January 28, 2013
Burnley's FA Cup winning side of 1914

AMAZING archive photos of football fans and players across the ages show just how much the beautiful game has changed over the years.

These images are part of a special gallery created by newsreel company British Pathe to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the FA Cup.

They show football scenes from Britain before the war – when the fashion sense of fans was very different from what was on display at FA Cup games over the weekend just gone by.

Bolton and Man City at the 1926 Cup

Bolton and Man City at the 1926 Cup Final

But even though outfits have changed, the remarkable photos – on show at – show that fans were just as crazy about football back then.

A team shot of Burnley FC (above) taken to celebrate their 1914 1-0 FA Cup win over Liverpool shows the players in formal suits with giant flat-caps.

Whilst many fans in the archive are dressed very formally by today’s standards, others join in the carnival-style atmosphere by donning fancy dress.

A spokesperson for British Pathe said: “Fans look totally different in the early newsreels. There is certainly a sense of occasion with many wearing suits and flat caps. Others are in fancy dress. It all looks very quaint when you compare with today’s fans.  “

Crowd scenes show Spurs and Wolves fans at the 1921 Cup Final, which was played at Stamford Bridge and was known as the Coal Strike Final due to industrial unease in the mining industry at the time. Spurs won 1-0.

Other scenes show crowds at the 1923 Cup Final – the first to be played at Wembley Stadium, during which Bolton Wanderers beat West Ham 1-0.

Fans at the 1923 Cup Final

Fans at the 1923 Cup Final

Also in the archive are images from the 1926 final, in which Bolton beat man City 1-0, plus there are shots from 1932 when the cup went north after Newcastle beat Arsenal 2-1.

A Pathe caption described the Newcastle v Arsenal game in quaint language as follows: “At half time the scores were level at one each … the feature of the game being masterful play by both ‘goalies’ and very fast play by both sides.”

A few years later in 1936 it was Arsenal’s turn to lift the cup – and footage shows an open top bus later celebrating at Islington Hall after Arsenal beat Sheffield United 1-0.

The Arsenal bus is in the main photo below.


FA Cup archive


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