How does former Dancing On Ice star Linda Lusardi look so great at 54? Exclusive Interview

Updated: January 14, 2013
Former Dancing On Ice star Linda Lusardi

TELLY star Linda Lusardi has revealed how she manages to look so great in her mid-Fifties – and says it’s all down exercise and plenty of vitamins.

The former Dancing On Ice star was 54 last birthday, but as you can see from our recent photo, Linda could still easily pass for a woman 15 years younger.

Amazingly, the mum-of-two says that during her modelling days in the 80s she lived on a diet of pizza and junk food – which thankfully doesn’t seem to have done her any lasting damage.

“I may be in my second half-century – something not easy to admit – but I’ve never felt better,” she told The Cheerful Times, during an in-depth interview about her health.

Linda has a great deal to be happy about – two gorgeous children, Lucy, 16, and Jack, 13, and a strong marriage to actor Sam Kane.

But a few years ago she discovered that she was suffering from degenerative disc disease in her back.

“I’ve always felt young at heart, so it wasn’t easy to accept that my body was falling apart!” she jokes.

Her doctor told her that exercise was the key to recovery as it would increase blood flow to the muscles and cartilage.

Former Dancing On Ice star Linda Lusardi in her recent panto role

Former Dancing On Ice star Linda Lusardi in her recent panto role

Although Linda took her doctor’s advice, she still suffered from the occasional twinge so when she was invited to take part in Dancing On Ice in 2008 she was unsure if her back would stand up to it.

“Unfortunately, during my second rehearsal, my left ankle turned over and the full weight of my body landed on my foot, breaking a metatarsal bone and tearing all the ligaments. The pain was so acute, I passed out, says Linda.

“I was told I’d be out of action for six weeks. But after three weeks, with my foot heavily bandaged and my skating boot tied up tight, I made a faltering return to the rink.

“I lasted until week seven in the competition and then went on the Dancing On Ice tour with Torvill and Dean. Although the experience didn’t exactly benefit my foot, the exercise certainly strengthened my back.

“Now I try to keep my back healthy. I’ve learned that weak bones can contribute to the risk of developing degenerative disc disease.

“Along with keeping up the exercise – I have a treadmill which I use daily along with a machine that tightens your abs and one that strengthens your back.

“My diet was pretty poor in my youth, which may well have contributed to my bad back. As a model, the days were long and I ate the wrong food at the wrong time: burgers, pizza, crisps, you name it.

“Although I was slim, I tried a succession of faddy diets. These days I am much better informed, I’ve increased my calcium intake via green vegetables and oily fish and ensure that I take in sufficient vitamin D which is important for bones.”

Linda, who recently appeared in panto, also takes vintamin C tabs and Omega 7, a dietary supplement manufactured by a company called Pharmanord.

She said: “I never eat enough fruit so I take a vitamin C supplement and Omega 7 which contains Omega oils, 3, 6, 7 & 9 to ensure that I optimise my health.

“Omega 7 is made from Sea Buckthorn oil, is rich in vitamin E and helps with moisture through the body protecting the internal organs as well as the lining of the respiratory, digestive and urogenital tracts, skin, eyes and mouth.

“For years I suffered with dry eye syndrome. They were gritty and uncomfortable and sensitive to light.  It felt like I had sand under my eyelids. I had to put drops in – the discomfort was so severe.

“It was embarrassing too. Sam and I once went to a wedding where we stayed in a hotel the night before. I forgot my eye drops and my eyes looked and felt terrible all day. Everyone kept asking if I was ok because I looked like I had been crying!

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