Harry Styles in previously unseen photos – before he had his famous curly hair

Updated: January 2, 2013
Harry Styles, right, with pal Will Sweeny

HARRY Styles’ unruly mop of wavy hair is a hit with girls around the globe – but as these photos show it didn’t mushroom until he was into his mid teens!

The One Direction singer is seen in a new documentary with hair that looked straighter around the time that he turned 15  – just a few months before he joined his first band.

The fun snaps were taken at the birthday party of Harry’s best mate Will Sweeny, who reckons Harry’s world-famous mop suddenly came into existence as he matured.

Harry Styles (in hat) with pal Will Sweeny (giving thumbs up)
Harry Styles (in hat) with pal Will Sweeny (giving thumbs up)

Will, now 19, said: “Harry’s hair just randomly started going curly for no reason.

“His mum used to have a go at him because he kept putting his hand through his fringe and flipping it over the back of his head.

“He just does it as a habit, but his hair was naturally pin-straight. Then after about five months, the next thing you knew his whole hair had taken on its own life form and it started to curl itself!

“I don’t know if he adds anything to it now, but that was how it looked completely by itself back then.”

The photos of Harry Styles were revealed in a new unofficial documentary,  “One Direction – One For All”, which is on sale in iTunes and on Amazon.

Harry Styles in screen grab from One Direction: All For One



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