Brave dad is given bionic hand that can do everything and says: “I feel complete again”

Updated: January 1, 2013
The bionic hand

BRAVE dad Nigel Ackland says he feels like a whole person again – after being given a bionic hand to replace a limb that he lost in an industrial accident.

Nigel, 53, from Royston in Cambridgeshire, has an electronic hand that can grip, point and he can even use it to type on a laptop.

Nigel Ackland uses his bionic arm at RSL Steeper

Nigel Ackland uses his bionic arm at RSL Steeper

His remarkable prosthetic, which you can see video of below, looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.

But it exists in real-life after being developed by Leeds-based company RSL Steeper.

The father-of-one, who was previously employed as a precious metal smelter, says the bionic hand has transformed his life.

He said: “It’s made me a lot happier and it feels right. When you have got a grip of something, it feels human. It’s like being complete again.

“I had four and a half-years of effectively being one-handed. The aim is to get this (limb) to do everything that it did before it got chopped off.

“I think for anyone who has lost a limb, something like this is going to be beneficial. I smile now.”

Here at The Cheerful Times, we reckon the prosthetic limb is brilliant – but don’t take our word for it. Just watch the YouTube video below to see Nigel beaming with pride .. and quite right too.



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