Meet the amazing dog that can drive a car after being specially trained to take to the wheel

Updated: December 17, 2012
Monty gets ready to pull away

YOU’D be forgiven for thinking that the driver looks a little wuff! Meet Monty, one of three dogs that are the first in the world to have been specially trained to drive cars.

No, it’s not a hoax. You can view footage of Monty and his pooch pals behind the wheel in the video below.

The trio have become a huge hit online after being taught how to drive for a TV show in New Zealand in order to boost awareness of pet adoption schemes at animal shelters.

Monty, a cute-looking Schnauzer, was first trained how to steer a go-kart, along with pals Ginny (a whippet) and Porter (a beardie cross).

Monty the amazing driving dog

After just five weeks training, Monty is now the Canine King of the Road and is able to drive and steer a Mini 70 metres.

Trainer Mark Vette said: “It is all the dog doing it. He’s started the key, put his paw on the break to allow it to go into gear, put it in drive, paw on the wheel and off he goes down the road.”

The amazing project was done in conjunction with the New Zealnd charity, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Funny footage of Monty at the wheel has become a big hit on YouTube, where one user commented: “I want a dog like these, if I get too drunk to drive I can just call to my dog and say to him: ‘Pick me up!’ ”

Another user added: “What if a cop stops a car driven by a dog? Does the dog have to give a piece of food to him?”


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