Single mum runs thriving business .. one year after she was forced to sell her jewellery to eat

Updated: December 13, 2012
Sally Webb

WHAT a difference a year makes! Last Christmas Sally Webb was a struggling single mum who had to sell her jewellery to put food on the table.

Today she is running a successful business that employs four people and she has just launched her own charity to help others.

Sally, 46, a former special needs teacher from Buckinghamshire, is the founder of Connect 2 Colour – a thriving company that uses art to help autistic children to express themselves.

The company also runs art workshops for corporate clients and has now launched a community fund assist families on low incomes.

Sally’s success is all the more remarkable as she was stony broke just one year ago, having left her previous job after a health scare.


Money was so tight that she was forced to flog off her prized jewellery, but her story is now an inspiration to others that shows it’s possible to turn your life around if you are determined to succeed.

The Cheerful Times is reliably informed that Sally now also has a new man around to brighten up her own life – so good for her!

Sally says: “This Christmas will certainly be one to remember and to show me how far we have come.

 “I am a different woman and failure was not an option. Business is booming and the future is bright and extremely colourful!

“What is so wonderful is seeing how an idea that came to me one night is now adding colour and light to the lives of all sorts of people whether it is to brighten up the boardroom in a large company to helping vulnerable people in a hospice.

“It was also vital to me to launch the charity the Connect 2 Colour Community Fund to help low incomes families and groups experience the Connect 2 Colour phenomenon.

“I truly believe that its vital to give back to the world.  I was in such a low place and now with the help of friends, family, a gorgeous new boyfriend and a fabulous idea (plus working day and night for a year), my life has been transformed.  I can now in turn help those around me.”

Sally Webb was skint last Christmas but now has a new business, a new charity and a new
Sally Webb

Sally Webb was skint last Christmas but now has a new business, a new charity and a new man!

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