Meet Brother Oswald, the medieval monk brought to life on an iPhone by tourism chiefs

Updated: December 12, 2012
Evesham's iPhone app

WORCESTERSHIRE – A sleepy town has created its own app that brings a medieval monk to life on your iPhone in order to give visitors a guided tour.

The 1,300-year-old market town of Evesham is believed to be the first place in the UK to use futuristic ‘augmented reality’ technology to welcome tourists.

Visitors download the app to their smartphone and then simply point it at local landmarks in order to trigger an interactive guide from a character called Brother Oswald.

The iPhone app is already a huge hit, having been downloaded several hundred times within a few days of being launched.

Brother Oswald – played by retired tourist centre manager Tony Whiting – appears out of thin air on your phone in order to big-up the delights of local attractions like Evesham’s bell tower and local museum.

Here at The Cheerful Times we reckon the app is a great idea – you gotta admire the sauce of those guys from Worcestershire!

The term ‘augmented reality’ refers to technology using computer images or videos to enhance real-life experiences. When your smartphone or tablet scans the landmarks, it reads ‘trigger points’ which prompts animations to appear.

Brother Oswald takes a stroll as reported on local TV news

Brother Oswald takes a stroll as reported on local TV news

Evesham’s ‘History Trail’ app was created by Mick Hurst, from Areca Design, along with local cameraman and 3D animator, Andre Grout.

Mick said: “I was trying to think of a creative way to encourage visitors and this seemed the perfect solution. Evesham is a tourism destination steeped in history and this brings it to life and creates an engaging, unique and fun experience for visitors.”



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