Musical express! Keyboard wizard wows commuters by performing on rush hour train

Updated: December 10, 2012

COMMUTERS in a packed train carriage watched in amazement as a fellow traveller gave an epic musical performance on an electronic keyboard.

The pianist drew whoops and cheers from onlookers – and mobile phone footage of the incident has now become a huge hit on YouTube over the weekend, since being posted on the web on Saturday.

The performer – referred to on YouTube as the Modern Day Jester – wore a black T-shirt with a jester symbol on the front. He is thought to have been travelling on a tube train in London on Friday evening.

He began by telling commuters: “If anyone wants to hear me play, say ‘What the ****!’”

He then played an epic musical number on his keyboard whilst also performing as a human beat box.

A YouTube user called tundestakeover posted a video of the incident, saying: “Literally was minding my own business on the London Underground on my way home. Actually made my day!”

You can view the footage here:


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