Joy as twin girls parted 55 years ago are reunited – and guess what, they’re still the same!

Updated: December 7, 2012

TWIN sisters who were separated at birth have been reunited after 55 years – and they still share the same mannerisms and even have identical PETS.

Helen Edwards and Jenny Lucas have told of their joy in today’s Daily Mirror newspaper after learning that they share the same DNA. They were born on Tyneside in northern England in 1948, but were parted soon afterwards.

Jenny was given up for adoption with a loving family – while Helen stayed with her birth mother and endured a harsh upbringing.

Jenny, who grew up in Jesmond, Newcastle, said: “We’re very alike, we mirror each other on the little things – it was like that even when we first met. We both have chihuahua dogs too.”

Neither knew of the other’s existence until 2003, when Jenny, who grew up to be a golf champion, tracked down their birth mother shortly before her death.

But the sisters did not have their first meeting until 2007. Only recently have they been confirmed as non-identical twins, having originally been told that they were half-sisters born on different dates.

Helen, a retired surgical assistant from Morpeth, Northumberland, said: “Discovering we were twins was happy news but a real shock.

“For twins to be separated at birth is hugely emotional, but it does partly explain the similarities between us – we were brought up differently but are so alike.”

The pair are now working on a book together about their remarkable story.

You can read more about Helen and Jenny by clicking here.





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