Does Harry Styles of One Direction remind you of anyone? No clues but he’s a jumping Jack flash

Updated: November 29, 2012

DOES Harry Styles remind you of anyone these days? He looks remarkably like Mick Jagger did in the 60s in the rare photos of the Rolling Stone below.

The archive images were unearthed by newsreel company British Pathe and are taken from footage shot in 1964 during a Stones concert at a cinema in Hull, when Mick was 21.

Nearly 50 years later One Direction star Harry sports a similar trademark mop of dark hair – and is Harry and band mates are now pursued everywhere by female fans just like The Stones were back then.

The internet has famously been awash with comment comparing Harry to Mick: so have a look at these photos and decide for yourself

Here’s Mick Jagger in 1962 – does he look like Harry Styles?

A spokeswoman for British Pathe said: “We are amazed at the striking similarity between Harry Styles and a young Mick Jagger. They even share similar mannerisms. They often say history repeats itself.”

The Rolling Stones kick off their new ‘50 & Counting’ tour at the 02 on earlier this month. One Direction meanwhile released their new album, Take Me Home.

The archive video of the Stones cinema gig is available to view on the British Pathe website at

A young Mick Jagger (above) looks just like Harry Styles

. It begins by showing the Stones pretending to hitchhike to Hull.

A plummy voiced narrator tells viewers: “The cinema is the Mecca of pop-lovers for miles around. The wise ones have queued up for hours… for them it is the big night of their lives.”

As The Stones go on stage to the sound of deafening screams from fans, the narrator adds: “Just listen to the noise.


Note – you can link to the video at:-


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