It’s Mr Memory! Meet the man who can remember every day of his life.

Updated: September 7, 2012

AMAZING memory man Gianni Golfera can remember EVERY DAY of his life – including where he went, who he met and even what clothes they were wearing.

Gianni, 35, says his remarkable ability can occasionally cause red faces when he recognizes people he bumped into many years earlier – and he can still recall all the intimate details.

The dad-of-two, whose powers of recall have been studied by scientists, explained: “I met a man who I saw ten years ago. He couldn’t remember and he was a bit nervous because he didn’t know if he’d been out with his wife or his girlfriend!”

Gianni, who has penned a new book called ‘More Memory – the Golfera Method’, was born with his gift but says anyone can improve their memory by learning to visualizing things in he right way.

He can remember the text of 261 books word for word and can commit instantly recall numbers made up of one thousand digits.

Gianni, who is from Rome and has been touring the UK, said: “Memories are strongest when we have an emotional connection to them.  If you want to remember something then ideally you need visualize something that stirs the emotions.”

Gianni’s amazing memory has even helped him catch out former partners who’ve told him tall stories.

He said: “I once had a girlfriend who told me she’d spent a Monday night in certain bar, but I knew it wasn’t true because I remembered walking past it five years earlier and spotting a sign which said it as closed on Mondays!”

You can read more about Gianni on his website at

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